Case Study: KUKA AG

Charging Assistant

In the future, modern electric cars should be able to open garage doors, park, start and stop charging processes independently. To make this vision a reality, FORWARDttc is working closely with KUKA AG to develop an autonomous charging assistant for electric vehicles.

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The first robotic arm for the home

The charging assistant is not only intended for companies, public charging stations and fleet operators - but also for the home garage. This opens up a completely new target group for robotic solutions. Along with it come new challenges: The system must be safe in every situation, operable by anyone and affordable for end users.


Customized Robotics Solution

In the development of the charging assistant, there are valuable synergies with KUKA AG - in the project, the customer's many years of experience in industrial robotics can be combined with our fast and flexible development processes and our expertise in modern technologies. Instead of a control cabinet, a single-board computer integrated in the robot arm is used as the controller. The custom image processing algorithms are developed specifically for the application. Due to the inherently safe design of the drive trains, no additional safety technology is required in the system. The entire commissioning and operation is performed via a smartphone app.


Engineering up to Product Maturity

The charging assistant takes home automation to the next level. The system uses available standardised charging plugs and can also be installed (and retrofitted) in the home garage. The intuitive operation is carried out via a mobile app. The cooperation with KUKA AG does not end with a functional model, but extends to product maturity and beyond.

The system has already been successfully tested on various vehicle types and presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the Hanover Industrial Fair, Automatica and Automechanika, among others.

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