Case Study: Lenze SE


Web-based online training courses form an integral part of company-wide training measures. They are available independent of location and time and thus enable efficient employee and customer training at individual learning speeds.

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Flexible Knowledge Transfer

As international companies, our customers have committed themselves to a worldwide quality standard. To ensure that this is also maintained in the transfer of knowledge, they establish uniform training standards for all branches of the company. While local face-to-face training courses help to impart knowledge personally, learning success is highly dependent on the composition of the group. At the same time, individual learning speeds cannot always be satisfactorily taken into account within the framework of time limited training measures. With the help of web-based learning methods, company-wide knowledge transfer can be simplified and adapted to every learner.


Compose and Motivate

The selection of topics and learning contents stands at the beginning of our web-based trainings. From basic to expert knowledge, we create customer-specific training courses for the areas of mechatronics, robotics and automation technology. Based on the target group and the specific learning objectives, we prepare the content and adapt it to individual requirements. The focus of the training design is the composition of interactive and motivating elements for a sustainable knowledge transfer. In doing so, we rely on a combination of different learning methods, from training videos to explorative learning experiences and interactive knowledge queries.

In order to optimise individual learning experiences and results, we use a central user management system in which the progress of the learners can be recorded and evaluated. This enables the customer to manage the learning experience of his employees and customers in a targeted manner and to respond to individual needs.


Interactive Online-Trainings

Our online trainings enable our customers to set up an international and company-wide training concept that is available at any time and from any location. Once created, trainings can be scaled cost-efficiently and made available to an unlimited number of participants. The interactive and practical design of the trainings ensures long-term motivation of the learners and solidifies the acquired knowledge in the long term. In addition, the learning content can be repeated at any time and new content can be added as required and rolled out simultaneously, so that it is immediately available to the target groups. Furthermore, the administration of learners and learning groups enables the evaluation and validation of learning success.

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