Virtual Tools to Simplify Complex Content

Virtual Tools to Simplify Complex Content

In an ever faster changing technological environment, the transfer of knowledge is of central importance for the success of a company. You want to train your customers for a product or further educate your employees? Regardless of whether the content is theoretical or practical: FORWARDttc supports you with innovative training concepts.

Future learning tools are intuitive, illustrative and engaging. We create digitial learning solutions to make the technological future comprehensible.
Kai Eggers
Robotics Engineer
Learning with boosted motivation

Dive in and rediscover knowledge

Traditional forms of knowledge transfer belong to the past! FORWARDttc lets you turn learning into an experience – at any time and any place.  Instead of taking employees out of their daily business for several days to prepare them for the challenges of automation technology in classroom trainings, we harness the possibilities of virtual training worlds.

By means of cross-device and cross-platform 3D visualizations, systems and processes can be depicted realistically. Participants are immersed in production environments and can interact with the technology. Knowledge is conveyed virtually and deepened through play. The learning success can be further increased by additionally coupling the training software to real hardware or through real-time simulations. This steep learning curve with the help of immersive training is accompanied by a measurably lower time expenditure for training.

FORWARDttc has many years of experience in teaching and training engineers – both in university and corporate settings. Thanks to our technical and didactic expertise, we know how to develop individual training formats that are not only appropriate in terms of content, but also generate interest and motivation. Through visual experience and interactive participation, even complicated technical content can be experienced and communicated in an exciting and understandable way. The participants learn as they would under real production conditions – and without any risk for man or machine. Of course, these advantages also apply to your customers, to whom you can make your products accessible in a particularly impressive and intuitive way.

Optimally trained employees and customers are the key to long-term success. Our virtual training solutions turn your employees into experts and help your customers to optimally use all of your product features.

Icon Beratung
  • Evaluation of customer needs
  • Definition of the training objective
  • Demonstration and discussion of the technological possibilities
  • Outline of the training concept
Icon Trainingskonzeption
Conceptual Design
  • Definition of training goals
  • Selection of training technologies
  • Development of interaction concepts
Icon Contenterstellung
Content Creation
  • Design/modeling of 3D training content
  • Generation of audio and text content
  • Implementation of the interaction concepts
  • Deployment of cross-platform software solutions
Icon Training
Classroom and Online-Trainings
  • Distribution/use of the created training solutions
  • Evaluation of the training success
  • Support during the training
  • Advice on the planning of follow-up trainings

Your advantages

Our virtual teachware offers your company an extraordinary added value. Higher learning success goes hand in hand with effective effort and cost savings: In conventional professional development, teachers have to be paid, any test scenarios set up and hardware transported to the locations. Our solutions eliminate these costs – while at the same time offering maximum flexibility in terms of time and location. The independence of location enables internationally standardized online training so that all employees working worldwide always achieve the same level of knowledge.

FORWARDttc's virtual teachware offers an additional advantage as an ideal supplement for your customer presentations or in the course of trade fair appearances. Amaze and convince your audience!

Case Studies
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