From Idea to Rendering
to Extended Reality

From Idea to Rendering
to Extended Reality

To see is to understand. This is especially true for the representation of processes and functionalities. With modern visualization techniques, we support you in bringing the background and interrelationships of automation to life. FORWARDttc makes technology impressively tangible.

We create virtual worlds to showcase the future of technology.
Lennart Claassen
XR Engineer
Experience and Understand

Ideas and products in a new dimension

High-quality visualizations are an ideal tool to present products attractively. Thanks to FORWARDttc's technological expertise you can also use them to achieve benefits far beyond this: Our visualizations form the basis of immersive training concepts, appear in the form of a digital twin or are part of intuitive user interfaces for machine/process control and interactive applications.

FORWARDttc works with various visualization technologies that enable realistic and easily comprehensible illustrations even for complicated processes. In addition, they bring completely new models of human-machine interaction to life. For example in the AR-supported configuration of machines. Our visualizations are compatible with all relevant devices – from laptop, tablet or smartphone to AR and VR.

Contact us today to learn more about the numerous application possibilities. Immerse yourself in the world of extended reality with FORWARDttc!

Observe and Control

Taking User Interfaces a Step Further

Due to our comprehensive automation expertise, we have a deep understanding of complex technologies. FORWARDttc excels at translating this complexity into easy-to-understand HMIs and making systems intuitive for everyone.  

On the surface, a user interface is the interface between man and machine. We raise user interfaces to a new level! Our virtual user interfaces (VUI) enable more diverse interaction variants and provide the user with information within his field of view. VUIs include individual or all forms of visualization and play out their advantages for example in

  • the monitoring of machines through the visualization of process data,
  • the analysis and maintenance of machines by coupling virtual control elements to real hardware or
  • the configuration and commissioning through simulation of real machines and processes.

With our VUIs, we can significantly improve the user experience and productivity of existing and new systems – either in the field of configuration and control or by testing process steps safely in virtual space and optimizing them before the deployment to real systems.

For VUIs that are tailored to your requirements, we choose the individually suitable technology. For integration in real shopfloor environment, we use AR devices for monitoring and operation. VR and 2D interfaces are used in virtual planning and training applications. Mobile VR/AR solutions are predestined for location-independent use. Naturally, all our applications are scalable and cross-platform compatible.

Case Studies
Lenze SE
Plug & Produce
Yuanda Robotics GmbH
ViTRo: Virtual Twins in Robotics
Region Hannover
ViERo: Virtual Education for Robotics
Lenze SE
InA: Intuitive Automation
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